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What Is Insulin Resistance?

You may have heard the term that someone is 'Insulin Resistant', but what does it mean? It All Starts In The Pancreas Insulin is a hormone, and its life starts in the pancreas. When we eat things like sugar, refined foods such as grains, really anything sweet, our pancreas kicks…

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Tips To Fight Off Colds & Flu

The Cold and flu season is looming. With some forethought and preparation, there is no reason to dread those winter bugs.  We know most of us will get infected to some degree with a bacteria or virus, so it’s common sense to get prepared now. As and when it does…

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My Experience Of The Low Fat Diet

'Eat Low Fat To Lose Weight' - That's What We Were Told My own personal experience came from being involved in the health and fitness industry in the early 90's. All the health, fitness and bodybuilding magazines were telling us to keep fats to a minimum because 'fats make you…

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Powerful Super Tonic Recipe – A Natural Remedy

With the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the ever-growing list of side effects from medicines, tonics are slowing regaining popularity with huge success. Many families are turning to tonics as their first line of defence against Winter illnesses and as a natural antibiotic. Energizing The Super Tonic instantly energises and…

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Testosterone: What Men Can Do To Keep It Naturally Elevated

We all know that as we (men) get older, our testosterone levels start to drop; it's just part of the process of getting older. Our testosterone levels peak at age 18, but by the time we hit 40, it's starting to free-fall.  That's unless we do something about it. For…

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For good health, there is no magic pill

We've heard it so many times. "Have you seen this new supplement, it's supposed to be really good for losing weight." Or, "I've had a few digestion issues, and my friend recommended that I take this product produced by a Network Marketing company." Unfortunately, it's not as easy as taking…

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