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For good health, there is no magic pill

We've heard it so many times. "Have you seen this new supplement, it's supposed to be really good for losing weight." Or, "I've had a few digestion issues, and my friend recommended that I take this product produced by a Network Marketing company." Unfortunately, it's not as easy as taking…

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No Time To Eat Healthy – Too Busy To Eat Right

Not having the time is the most common opposition I get from clients when I recommend they make changes to their diet.  With a busy health business and as a mother, wife and dog owner, I can understand how eating healthy might initially seem like another enormous chore, taking up…

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Are You Having Problems Sleeping?

"Sleep is the best meditation." The Dalai Lama We all know someone who is struggling with their sleep and it's probably the number one issue people come to us with. So Why Is It A Problem For So Many People? We are all different and there can be hundreds of…

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Sunburn and Natural Remedies

While no one likes a sunburn, getting natural relief can make the ordeal a whole lot better. Try these natural ways to fight the sting and enjoy relief. The Sun is Good For You Sun exposure is good, but too much of it can cause irritation. Next time you deal…

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Butternut Squash Recipe

At last, I have managed to blog my Butternut Squash Soup recipe that many of you have been asking for – sorry for the delay!  What my family and I love about these soups (some may call them stews as both are very thick in consistency) you feel you are…

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The Interconnection of Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment for Wholeness, Wellness and Health

The spirit needs - purpose, a reason for being. It needs to belong, to be loved and to live a life of meaning, integrity, and benevolence if it is to discover and honour its purpose. The mind needs - peace, love, clarity, structure, achievable goals and objectives. It also needs…

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