Lifestyle and Health

Living a holistic lifestyle is any lifestyle which makes you feel like a whole person. This includes any way of living or being that allows someone to feel as if they are being nurtured and are given the freedom to grow.

The one absolute belief in Holistic Health is that the body, mind and spirit are not independent of one another – they are all interlinked, so the truth has to be what affects one, has to by the laws of the universe, to affect the others.  Holistic health is a state of complete, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  Since we cannot be completely healthy until we achieve balance in our life, then perhaps the true definition of Holistic Health is achieving BALANCE.

Meet Jennie Collinge

Following years of pharmaceutical drug usage for a painful chronic health problem and emotional pain, Jennie decided she was going to change her life – and change her life she did!  She dumped all the medications, along with the belief from the medical community she would never be out of pain and went back to school, studied medicinal herbalism, holistic pain management and became a registered Neuro Linguistic Life Coach.

This stage in her life was a very lonely, isolating and painful, she experienced severe physical and emotional suffering as a result of adverse medication withdrawal symptoms and on top of that, she was also dealing with a lack of support and understanding from her environment.  Because of the pain and suffering Jennie endured, she was determined that no one should feel abandoned or feel there is no hope in their lives for future wellbeing.  She has made it her life goal, passion and her mission to help, support and teach people how they can holistically heal their own bodies, mind and spirit as she has now done and this is why and how Health Rise was created.

Jennie has helped hundreds of people through her knowledge and empathic, intuitive approach to health and wellbeing.  Whether it’s to find the cause of your physical pain or make better choices in your life, Jennie with her completely unique and bespoke consultations will help you rise up to live the life you will love.