Meet Jennie Collinge

Suffering from any chronic daily health problems will eventually reduce you to a smaller lessor you! I should know as this was my life several years ago. I was on 18 medications a day. Physically I was depleted, I was existing day to day. I completely defined myself with my illness, I was no longer ME, but this pain, this suffering, this mental torture …. The list can go on.

I was so tired of being ill and in pain and hearing myself complain, I decided to be a rebel, to take back my health, not just physically but mentally and emotionally and stop labeling myself as a victim of my chronic disease. I explored and studied holistic, natural ways to restore ME to the person I use to be.  (Minus all the bad choices and habits of course).

Thankfully my health has completely recovered, and my body is free of medications. My weight is the same as it was 30 years ago, a balance has been restored – I don’t diet or believe we should need to once we have empowered ourselves on the principles of healthy food.

We all need treats occasionally, a piece of cake, a beer or a glass of wine but it’s all about moderation and following some simple basic nutritional rules.  Although like myself, some clients may have to completely restrict certain foods during the healing process for a while.

Health Rise was born out of this struggle, and I now work with clients all over the country empowering them and supporting them on their own personal life journey’s to restore balance, health, and wellbeing back into their lives.





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About Health Rise

Our mission at Health Rise is to provide our clients with a non-judgemental, compassionate space where they can openly share their experiences of health issues and or any aspects of their life that are holding them back from reaching their full potential and preventing them from living a purposeful and happy life.

Our vision is to help as many people as possible in their quest for optimal health and to educate them about wellness.  We achieve this by treating the underlying cause of the condition or problem, not just masking symptoms.

Only the best Quality

We have spent many years sourcing products from the most reliable and ethical suppliers to give our clients the very best in supplementation, herbs, whole foods and much more. We continuously look to improve and are always researching new products so we can help every person that comes our way.

Why choose
Health Rise

We have experienced first hand how natural supplementation has completely transformed our lives; we are so passionate about what we do we want to share our experiences with as many people as we can who are suffering in life. We want to give them the most healthy, natural and pure products to completely change their outlook on holistic health and show them how great they can feel again.