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No Time To Eat Healthily – Too Busy To Eat Right

Not having the time is the most common opposition I get from clients when I recommend they make changes to their diet.  With a busy health business and as a mother, wife and dog owner, I can understand how eating healthy might initially seem like another enormous chore, taking up even more of your time and energy.  And, incidentally, it didn’t happen for me overnight!

Always start slowly

The key is to start slowly, introducing a new healthy diet habit into your lifestyle over a period of several months.  Research has shown we are more successful in the long run when we introduce one new habit at a time.

So now you know that healthy nutrition habits don’t just happen – they take time to understand and develop and you must practice implementing healthy habits every day into your lifestyle.

Here are some useful tips to get you started

  1. Don’t keep junk food in the house. I was in total denial on this and took me a long time to realise this very important tip.
  2. Make a list of the healthy snacks you enjoy. Always make sure you have a selection of quick healthy snacks available.  Some examples are; fruit or fruit smoothies, raw nuts, celery, carrot or cucumber sticks, hummus, full-fat Greek yoghurt add raw or manuka honey, homemade kale crisps, olives, organic boiled eggs, homemade organic oat cakes (see the previous blog).
  3. Cook extra portions. When cooking soups, chili’s etc, I always double or triple up so I have extra batches to freeze for lunches or for emergencies.
  4. Have a smoothie every day. This is my insurance!  If I am busy or had to grab a less healthy option, my smoothie will always give me a massive nutrient boost.  My favourite ingredients are spinach/kale/coconut water/mango/berries with my added beneficial organic herbs – ashwagandha, maca and bee pollen.  Tastes delicious too.
  5. Pack your lunch the evening before work/plan your evening meal. Deciding what to eat just before you leave for work or just after you get home in the evening can result in poor eating choices, especially if you don’t have the ingredients in stock. Planning your lunch and evening meal will take a huge amount of pressure off you.

Stop putting off when you’re going to make the changes

Stop waiting to make changes because of events such as weddings, holidays, Christmas, birthdays – this is another client excuse at the top of the list. Decide you are going to start today, not tomorrow or after this party or that event or next year – make a decision today.

Good health isn’t a destination, it’s a journey

Most importantly, aim for progress, not perfection.  We all have days when we ‘slip up’ or make poor choices, don’t see this as a failure but as an opportunity to do better tomorrow.  Do not let the “All or nothing” mentality take over, instead realise that every vegetable, fruit smoothie and delicious home cooked dinner counts towards your health and wellbeing.