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Exercise puts stress on our bodies, so if you are an athlete, it is important to nourish and feed yourself.  It is essential to eat whole natural food, the food our bodies were meant to eat. Unfortunately, much of the food we eat today is virtually dead; void of the nutrients that are needed to sustain life. Our food has changed a great deal since the introduction of farming and the mass production of grains some 10,000 years ago. However, there have been no significant changes in our DNA during that time. Our bodies have not yet adapted to eat this kind of diet, resulting in part to the epidemic of illnesses in our society today.

Without proper nutrition for performance, recovery and nourishment, you are doing your body a disservice with all the hard work that goes into training. Poor nutrition results in restricting your progress to sub-optimal standards. Your training will improve if you nourish your body with the necessary building blocks to recover and repair from the breakdown of muscle tissue that goes on when exercising. Supplements are vital for athletes to succeed and should not be used to compensate a poor diet. When combined with the best possible diet and controlled exercise regime, a state of optimal health and peak performance can be achieved.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got  Henry Ford

Meet David Collinge

Dave has always had an enormous passion for nutrition and how it can be used to optimize his performance in sport. In his twenties, Dave was sponsored by a major supplementation company to help promote drug-free bodybuilding and regularly featured on the front cover and inside several health and fitness magazines. He is expertly trained in Sports and Holistic Nutrition and studies the latest scientific approaches to diet and training and how best to achieve peak performance.

Before Dave started his holistic sport’s journey, he used to consume “health” foods that weren’t the best for his body. Many were heavily processed and full of toxic ingredients. These so-called “healthy” foods never made him feel at his best physically. As with many people who train and exercise, he suffered stomach and digestion issues, low energy, and slow recovery from workouts.

Dave started by making changes to his diet by cutting out processed protein powders and foods containing artificial sweeteners; he began eating whole foods that he knew were nourishing and energising and incorporating quality natural supplementation and clinical strength probiotics in his daily regime. Within days he noticed a radical shift in his health and wellbeing, his digestion improved and his athletic performance increased along with his energy.

Dave believes that food has an impact on our lives in so many ways, ranging from a cellular nourishment level, all the way to emotional, physical and social wellbeing. His mission is to strip away the confusion about how to live your healthiest life, empower you to enjoy simple and delicious food and give you the tools you need to feel and look your best. The field of sports nutrition is shifting and ever-changing; he is on top of all latest cutting-edge research, some of which has not yet been recognised by mainstream Nutritionists and trainers within sporting arena.

Whatever level of support you need, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, good nutrition or one-on-one coaching, Dave will optimise your health and fitness goals.