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Health Rise Are Pleased To Announce That We Now Stock Organic Whey Protein

Whey Protein has always been the go-to protein when it comes to people who train. However, most people concerned with performance, don’t consider the myriad of unnecessary additives.

Read The Label

We are all guilty of consuming the foods we love or need, but all too often we don’t flip the packet over to see what’s inside. When it comes to Whey Protein and many of the other sports drinks, pills and potions; all too often they are crammed with synthetic additives and fillers. Next time you pick up any food product, check out the label and google anything you don’t understand or recognise; you are likely to be surprised or even annoyed.

So What’s The Problem?

At Health Rise we see first hand the toxic build up within our clients after years of consuming processed foods. Once we strip away these unnecessary ingredients, in virtually all instances, health issues can start to improve. One of the most common areas which we get asked to treat is digestion.  Sadly, so many people just come to accept and think it’s okay to suffer poor digestion and bowel habits.  If digestion is sub-optimal, then nutrients won’t be absorbed correctly, and this can lead to no end of illnesses and diseases.  Unfortunately most commercially available Whey Proteins are heavily processed and contain lots of additives which will only aggravate and add to a compromised gut.


Having consumed Whey Protein supplements for over 25 years, I can categorically say that they contributed towards a deterioration in my gut health. A big factor will have been the added sweeteners such as Aspartame and Sucralose.  There is now increasing evidence that both these products can cause gut issues in the microbiome and neurological problems. Documented side-effect have been brain lesions, cancer, memory loss, fetal abnormalities and weight gain.

Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein is an alternative and I for one have been using it. The downside to Hemp protein is that it doesn’t contain much in the way of the amino acid leucine. Leucine is important because it’s integral to muscle growth and recovery. Hemp can be taken, but we would alway recommend that the client consumes enough of the complete proteins contained within foods such as meat, fish and eggs.

Our Recommendation Is Organic Whey

After searching for month’s we finally found an Organic Whey Protein and one that is made in the UK. It’s manufactured by The Organic Protein company and is made by filtering and drying grass fed organic whey. Their product doesn’t contain any herbicides and pesticides which are known to harbour many heavy metals and what’s more, the cattle are reared on grass and organic foods, meaning their milk contains higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids.  It tastes great and mixes well with water, milk or as part of a fruit or veg smoothie.  Flip over to the label and you’ll see 100% organic whey as the only ingredient.  And guess what, my gut is happy with that.

You can purchase this great Organic Whey from our store on the following link: https://healthrise.co.uk/product/organic-whey-protein/