Vivo Life – Perform: Salted Maca Caramel

.91 kg

This product is the future of how we’ll consume protein supplements. Packed with nutrients, quality plant based proteins, kind to the envioronment and to top it off, it tastes great!

  • Higher performance blend of bio-fermented pea protein, cold pressed hemp protein and vegan BCCA
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Enhanced with energy boosting maca root and raw lucuma fruit
  • 100% raw, plant based ingredients
  • Turmeric extract to optimise recover and digestive enzymes for faster absorption.



Nutritional Facts



You can consume Perform in any number of ways. Simply blend with some coconut water or almond milk, or add  fruit for a delicous nutrient packed shake. At Health Rise we like to add  bananas and MCT oil so we know we’re hitting our macros.

Check out the guys over at Vivo Life for a quick and easy recipe.

100% Plant based protein powder. It’s great for your health and tastes amazing.


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