Most people are not getting the level of essential nutrients needed for health and protection on a daily basis. This deficit impacts adversely on both immediate and long-term health.

There is a nutrition gap in the diets of most people. This nutrition gap describes the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person is obtaining from food and those nutrient levels identified by research as being needed for optimal health in the population.

So what can we do to minimise the ‘Nutrition Gap’? The best advice has to be to adhere to a diet that best fits our physiology, combined with a safe exercise programme and on top of that we would advise taking a well-formulated supplement to make up for any nutritional shortfalls.

Quality and purity are crucial to us. We have gone to great lengths to research and source well-formulated supplements and herbs that provide all the nutrients a person needs to make up for the shortfalls in the average western diet.  At the correct levels, and importantly in a bio-effective form, meaning the nutrients in our supplements are in the same shape as those naturally occurring in food. Our ‘Food State’ and Wholefood’ vitamins, minerals and herbs meet this prerequisite. Nutrients in these forms follow ‘food metabolic pathways’ and will be optimally utilised by the body. Such nutrients differ from the ‘isolate’ chemical vitamins and minerals found in the vast majority of supplements sold.

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