holistic health & pain managment

Holistic Health and Pain Management

Our Holistic Health & Pain Management Consultations support our clients, allowing them to implement and sustain lifestyle changes that contribute to the achievement of their personal wellness goals. Some common areas where we may help include:

  • weight management
  • understanding food cravings
  • fatigue
  • improving sleep
  • managing stress
  • mental and emotional health
  • menopause
  • body aches and pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • and much more….

We can guide you every step of the way

Our goal is to assist you in making the best choices for your health and happiness. We always treat each person on an individual basis, finding what works best for you and your unique body.  By asking questions and exploring your health concerns as well as your lifestyle, consequently, we are able to establish how you can create more balance and health in your life.

Aside from focusing on the food, you fuel your body with, we assist in evaluating all areas of your life. Frequently as a result of the individual becoming nutritionally unbalanced, during this evaluation period, we find key areas that require particular attention.  Many times a mineral or vitamin deficiency is detected, or a diet that is lacking in nutrients may be revealed.

You don’t have to live with pain

Health Rise is dedicated to increasing your current health wealth or find the missing link to achieving the health and wellness you want.  We aim to improve your vitality, energy levels and optimise natural pain solutions for many health conditions.

Although we embrace all discoveries, progress and benefits of conventional medicine, traditional and natural healing is still very much alive and relevant.  Today, along with the growing interest in ecology and a greener way of life, we see the resurrection of natural, nutritional products.

A Full Holistic Health Review which includes a 1-hour personal consultation (either in person or skype) and a Full Holistic Health Report with all recommended nutritional products and holistic solutions is £70.00.


“We squander health

In search of wealth;

We scheme and toil, and save,

Then squander wealth

In search of health;

And all we get is the grave;

We live and boast of what we own;

We die . . . and only get a stone.”



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