Holistic Sports Nutrition

HSN is about optimising your athletic abilities and body composition, without the use of many of the man-made sports supplements that we see on the market today. Many of these supplements are just fancy marketing and do little to deliver the claims that are made, which will in many instances leave consumers searching for the next miracle that’s going to get them that six pack.

At Health Rise we believe that anyone looking to get fitter, build bigger muscles or just drop a few extra pounds, should start with their diet and this diet must be free of as many man-made ingredients as possible.  Once this has been achieved we can then look to build a supplement protocol appropriate to the goals of our client.

When it comes to supplements, generally peoples first thoughts are “what protein shake should I take?” or “how much Creatine do you think I need?” These are questions that really should only be addressed once a person has taken the steps to eliminate the bad foods and started to fuel their body with fresh, organic wholesome food.  Once this has been achieved, we now have a baseline to build on.

We have spent many years researching and testing on ourselves many of the supplements we recommend. Some supplements have been used by indigenous tribes for thousands of years, yet can provide a potent, natural enhancement to a person’s performance or body composition goals.

With regard to the diets themselves, believe me we’ve tried them all. Now all our recommendations are made based on our personal experiences, but also those that are based on science.

The world of dieting has been turned on its head in recent years, from us being told “fat is bad”, through to the still preached method of eating every few hours; we’ve been through the data and put everything into practice, so you don’t have to.


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