Life coaching and mentoring

Life Coaching and Mentoring


It’s difficult to live the life you dream of, especially when life’s struggles seem to keep getting in your way.  Sometimes when you think you have everything under control, you get knocked right down again. Because of this, many people end up losing hope and settle for much less than they deserve.

At times we all need help

All the pains of the past and all the worries of tomorrow seem far too overwhelming to move on from.  We all need help sometimes to go from our feelings of anger, frustration, hurt and pain and those feelings of being stuck and having nowhere to turn.

To create any efficient and sustainable changes in our lives, we need to change how we view the world around us drastically.  When a person is helped to see the world differently, they show up differently, and they create results that looked impossible a moment before.  Coaching is ultimately about your personal transformation.

Neuro Linguistic Programming & Life Coaching

Jennie at Health Rise is a Registered Neuro Linguistic Programming Life Coach but believes there is no approach and no standard coaching template, as you are the agenda and you are the approach.  All coaching is bespoke for each, unique person.

Jennie’s support will be to serve you, and during this process, she will be open, honest, fearless and bold.  She will explore deeper into a client’s life by asking questions about their lives, their world, about their dreams, desires and fears and pain.  Health Rise Coaching is about having someone believe in you and encourage you to find what inspires you and nourishes your soul.

Tailored support

Health Rise Life Coaching charges are dependent on an individual’s requirements and will always be discussed in personal with each person.

“Just for today let me live in the light of peace and shun the darkness that accompanies negativity. Let me seek the smiles and laughter of others and join their happiness freely. Let me live in the moment without worry or shame of the past nor anticipation of the future. Just for today, let me do these things so that I may change from what I am into the masterpiece I can become.” 

Richard D. Rowland


Prices start from £50.00 per hour.  Please contact Jennie on and Jennie will call you to discuss your requirements in more detail.