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Mental Resilience

Another area of my work is with clients who are physically healthy but have a desire to increase their mental and emotional resilience.

I have learned of many modalities over the years in coaching and mentoring, but the ONE  conclusion I have found to be true, for myself and others is; the pain, frustration, and anxiety we experience mentally is due to our thinking minds.

So many of us now days are living within our minds consistently, this causes anxiety and stress.  We are either thinking about the past or the future, not focusing on the most important factor, the ‘here and now’. Understanding that this present moment is really all we have, can bring about peace, happiness, and greater emotional resilience.

The Mind

An example of the mental torture we have internally would be; that ‘voice’ in your head that’s constantly condemning yourself or another, “why did he/she say that to me”, those thoughts that keep you up at night and torment you during the day, about family, relationships, friends, work; it’s never ending how we mentally exhaust ourselves and beat ourselves up with our thoughts and attachments to people or things!

Its been a journey of several years before I realised the freedom and happiness that comes from releasing myself from my mind and the constant internal chatter, that goes on constantly about expectations of others, people pleasing, controlling outcomes, attachments to people and belongings, it’s a process that’s simple but can only be done when the desire is strong enough or when you have suffered enough to really want to make internal peace and happiness your daily routine.

Awareness and Presence Coaching

Below is a list of some of the issues I cover within the coaching/mentoring sessions.

Turn off the ego mind

Really see a person with no judgment

Be in the present moment the here and now

Stop thinking of the past or the future

Release attachments to people and external concepts

Release your mind of overthinking in the present moment

Enjoy or at the very least accept this moment regardless of the situation

Allow people to be what they are without wanting to change them

Get in touch with your negative feelings that you’re not even aware of

Understand that these feelings in you are not reality.

Stop identifying with your feelings

If you can identify with what I have written you would probably benefit tremendously from some coaching.

Mental Resilience Coaching:  £50 per hour, a few session will probably be necessary and alongside this, you will be given a list of recommended books to read in your own time which you will find fascinating and beneficial to your self-development.

“Just for today let me live in the light of peace and shun the darkness that accompanies negativity. Let me seek the smiles and laughter of others and join their happiness freely. Let me live in the moment without worry or shame of the past nor anticipation of the future. Just for today, let me do these things so that I may change from what I am into the masterpiece I can become.” 

Richard D. Rowland