holistic health & pain managment

Katherine Molloy BSC(Hons) Chiro DC CCEP

As a doctor of Chiropractic for 15 years I have worked alongside many medical professionals ranging from general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, consultant radiologists, orthopaedic consultants and spinal neurosurgeons.

I would rate the service and clinical expertise of Jenny Collinge on par with (and at times above) these medical professionals.

Jenny has consulted with the patients of Chiropractick Health mainly for the management of musculoskeletal complaints. Assisting in the natural reduction of inflammation and the optimisation of musculoskeletal health for our mutual patients.

Private consultations have been delivered in such a caring, passionate but professional
manner by Jenny, often fusing her coaching and additional qualifications into her naturopathic consultation. The supplementation reports Healthrise provide are both detailed and evidence based. The quality of products has been exceptional and Jenny has always strived to provide a service of clinical excellence.

Each and every patient receiving consultation, report and supplementation have been impressed and shown benefit.

I am happy and proud to be able to offer the services of Jenny Collinge at my clinic and feel privileged to be in the presence of her work and an associated business of Healthrise.


Katherine Molloy BSC(Hons) Chiro DC CCEP