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Here you can read some of our testimonials and see how we have helped so many different people and changed the way they think about alternative medicine.

Jennie provides a thoroughly professional health review and her recommendations are excellent. I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you.

Christopher W

Amazing Lady. Very helpful – made my body feel so much better!

Yvonne V

I had my first appointment with Jennie on Tuesday .Her knowledge ,inspiration and motivation to live life to the fullest is amazing . Even if you feel you are living healthily Jennie made me realise there is still more you can do to prevent illness and cure certain illnesses. Thankyou so much Jennie you have inspired me no end .Will certainly recommending Jennie to friends and family .

Maria W

After experiencing several health issues, I visited Jennie at Health Rise who isolated that the quality of my nutrition was poor and contributing to my illnesses. After implementing her advice that fitted into my lifestyle, I now have more energy and have seen my health improve drastically. I no longer need frequent visits to the doctors as Jennie’s expertise has resulted in me being symptom-free. My health and wellbeing has been dramatically improved. I would and do highly recommend Health Rise

John W

I first saw Jennie as a result of various health issues that I had never paid much attention to, and was happy to try and ‘fix’ via conventional prescription medications. Over the months these problems were unfortunately added to with new ones, and it became clear that I was not as well or healthy as I had led myself to believe.

Originally, the natural approach to healing was something that I was open to, but also somewhat sceptical about. I undertook my initial consultation on the premise I had nothing to lose at that stage, and so implemented Jennie’s recommendations with an open mind.

I started a detox process that was complemented by significant dietary adjustment, lifestyle changes and various natural supplements. All of which were supervised, supported and directed by Jennie. After 6 weeks, I was absolutely overwhelmed to find out that the growths that I had been diagnosed with in my reproductive system were completely resolved, and no longer needed medical supervision. Better still, they did not require surgery.

Not only was Jennie the first health professional to actually identify the cause of my problems, and seek to heal them, but I am also confident the adjustments I have made will help prevent more harmful issues in the future. Her expertise have helped me feel confident that I can move forward with a happier, healthier life.

Eloise Saunders

Having been affected by chronic illness for most of my life, I have felt at constant war with my body rather than in harmony with it. In 2008 I became paralysed by Guillian Barres Syndrome, and though months later I overcame the paralysis, I was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  As years went on, the Fibromyalgia’s seemed to slowly take over my life. The barrage of medications only made things worse and flare ups seem to strike at any time leaving me unable to move for days. In July 2016 I had the most horrendous flare up I have ever experienced and the whole ordeal completely terrified me. Nothing I did seemed to help with the pain and I became acutely aware than unless something drastic changed, I was losing my life as I knew it. It was then I booked in to see Jennie at Health Rise, desperate for anything that might help me get my life back.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the knowledge and support Healthrise has offered me.  When I attended my initial appointment I was still reeling from a flare up and felt exhausted, depressed and in pain.  Jennie made me feel at ease and took a detailed health history from me; discussing things which I hadn’t realised could have an impact on my wellbeing. Jenny was a breath of fresh air, she has a depth of knowledge in her field  and is passionate for helping others!  She was able to immediately point out things I could do to improve the way I was feeling. This was music to my ears; it was empowerment where I had felt helpless for so long.  She had expert understanding on my conditions and thankfully her advice didn’t come in the form of the countless prescriptions covered in medical jargon; they were natural, safe treatments which she not only explained how to use, but why.

After my visit, I was sent a Holisitic Review, an invaluable report which details everything from lifestyle, current medical conditions, to dietary advice and recommended supplements. I find myself still pulling out this review, months later, as a powerful reference.   Since working with Healthrise and incorporating their advice and supplementation, I have seen an enormous change in how I have felt.   My flare ups have reduced, I feel I have more energy and most importantly, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I feel like I can get my life back.

The most valuable thing anyone can have in life is their good health, and with the passionate team at Healthrise I am certain anyone improve their health and truly get more out of life! I cannot recommend them enough!

Ms J Davanzo

Jennie had been committed to helping me resolve a number of food intolerance’s which I have been struggling with for over 18 months.

Following her advice, I am, at last, actually seeing an increased improvement and have been able to introduce small amounts of certain foods which I have been unable to tolerate for so long!

The additional bonus is that my high blood pressure has also stabilised and I have been able to half my medication!

Jennie’s advice has been invaluable and I know I wouldn’t have made this progress alone!

Mr K Dobbins

I first started having treatment from Jennie at Healthrise last year when I was experiencing terrible fatigue and hormone symptoms. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for over fifteen years which resulted in severe lethargy, muscle spasms and chronic headaches. Jenny introduced me to a couple of products which have changed my life. I was determined to stop taking prescription medication and try something natural as I had been taking neurological stimulants for over five years and I knew it wasn’t good for my well-being. Coming off the medication was painful but worth it and Jennie appeared just at that time.


Jennie has vast knowledge about the products she recommends and can advise on an array of health issues. I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for almost twenty years and can experience terrible pain and discomfort. Jennie is so understanding and helpful and always checks in following treatment to see how I’m feeling and to give more advice, if needed. I wholeheartedly recommend both Jennie and her products as I am living proof that both are effective. I have been well for almost a year now and I thank Jennie for all her support and wisdom.



C. Laffan-Butler

As a doctor of Chiropractic for 15 years I have worked alongside many medical professionals ranging from general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, consultant radiologists, orthopaedic consultants and spinal neurosurgeons.

I would rate the service and clinical expertise of Jenny Collinge on par with (and at times above) these medical professionals.

Jenny has consulted with the patients of Chiropractick Health mainly for the management of musculoskeletal complaints. Assisting in the natural reduction of inflammation and the optimisation of musculoskeletal health for our mutual patients.

Private consultations have been delivered in such a caring, passionate but professional manner by Jenny, often fusing her coaching and additional qualifications into her naturopathic consultation. The supplementation reports Healthrise provide are both detailed and evidence based. The quality of products has been exceptional and Jenny has always strived to provide a service of clinical excellence.

Each and every patient receiving consultation, report and supplementation have been impressed and shown benefit.

I am happy and proud to be able to offer the services of Jenny Collinge at my clinic and feel privileged to be in the presence of her work and an associated business of Healthrise.

Katherine Molloy BSC(hons) Chiro DC CCEP

A few years ago I started the Menopause and the horrible hot flushes that come with it. I went to the Doctors and, not wanting to take HRT, asked if there were any alternative, natural remedies to relieve the symptoms.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the Doctor prescribed, as it was 6 or 7 years ago but I tried two different products, neither of which did anything.

The flushes were becoming unbearable and embarrassing and, it wasn’t until I attended a business meeting with ten other Directors of a large Company that I realised I had to seriously consider HRT.

I went back to my Doctor and literally begged for it. I was prescribed ‘Premique’ and was so relieved that it worked.

I understood that these tablets could only be taken for a maximum of 5 years, due to the risk of breast cancer, among other things so I recently came off them and, to my dismay, the hot flushes came back! So i started taking them again.

During this time, I was having Coaching sessions with Jennie Collinge at Healthrise and the subject of HRT arose. What Jennie told me about the pills I was taking was horrendous. I cannot believe what goes into making Premique.

Jennie advised me to use a powder called Maca, which you can mix into smoothies or food or just drink with water.

This was amazing. It not only stopped my hot flushes, it is a natural product which is not harming any animals in the process of production.

I have since purchased many products from Healthrise, which are all made from plants, all perfectly natural.

The knowledge and advice Jennie has for many ailments is incredible and her passion for what she does is admirable. I for one, can’t thank her enough.

Tina Cadd