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Urgent update on Krill products

The care of the environment and sustainability of life in our oceans is of extreme importance to us here at Health Rise, which is why we feel compelled and obligated to inform you of the following.

What Are Krill?

Krill is a tiny crustacean, like a shrimp, and it forms part of the plankton level in our oceans. It can be hard to get emotionally moved to save such an “unlovable” species, but its survival is imperative to the survival of the entire ecosystem of the Southern Oceans. As a keystone species at the bottom of the food chain, vast numbers of other Antarctic species, whether they eat krill or not, are directly or indirectly affected by how abundant krill are.

Krill provides over 96% of the caloric needs of seabirds and marine mammals. They are the FIRST STOP in the ocean’s food chain after algae, providing food for birds, seals and penguins; all the way up to the giant whales of the sea.

Threatening the Oceans as Krill Population Declines

The human nutrition krill market is growing at more than 40% per year, and the krill oil business is physically vacuuming up the ocean floors to satisfy the increasing demand for these creatures.

Over the last five years, the annual krill catch has jumped from just over 100,000 tons to several million tons per year. With new technologies, they can vacuum them up from the Antarctic Ocean at unprecedented rates. Even the most basic common sense says that this cannot be sustained.

Future Purchase of Krill Oil

Going forward, Health Rise will not be stocking Krill Oil Supplementation. This email is to empower you to make your own choices, and of course, you may continue to buy krill oil direct from Cytoplan.

For those who wish to stop buying Krill Oil, we recommend you replace with the item below

The alternative – Fish Oil Capsules: High Potency

High potency fish oil capsules give you 550mg of the essential fatty acids EPA/DHA per 1000mg. Our Fish Oils are guaranteed to be clean, stable & free from pollutants. Fatty acids (EPA and DHA) contribute to the normal function of the heart (the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA)  Price £14.00


So why has Krill become so popular?

As I am sure you are aware, Krill oil does have a distinctive reddish colour. The reason for this is that krill consume microalgae that contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is 800 times stronger than CO-Q10, 500 times stronger than Green Tea Catechins and 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C.

Personally, we have therefore started taking an Astaxanthin product from Health Leads to complement the Fish Oil. This product can be purchased directly from Health Leads (unfortunately we do not have a discount code), from our website, or by contacting Jennie directly.

Astaxanthin 4mg


Finally, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, our customers, and we hope you will understand we could not possibly sit back and continue for monetary reasons to promote and sell an item that could affect the future life in the earth’s oceans.

For more information:  email jennie@healthrise.co.uk

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