Welcome to our ‘Useful Resources’ page

We’ve decided to put the page together, because we get asked all the time “where do we buy our organic veg from”, or “which chiropractor do we use”.  This page will be a work in progress, an ongoing evolution of information we hope you will find useful. And please feel free to let us know about any products or services you think would complement the page and help others.


Organic Fruit & Vegetables

We’ve been buying our organic fruit & veg from Riverford Farm for some time now. The quality and flavours are fantastic; just like how we used to remember. You place your order online, and it will be with you Thursday morning.


Riverford Farm


We’ve tried many different chiropractors over the years, but Daniel from Chase Chiropractic is about as good they get. He’s got extensive physiological knowledge and incorporates not just chiropractic but other complementary modalities.

Daniel Cooper can be reached on 01543 560470




Chase Chiropractic

Cleaning Materials

It’s all well and good, making sure that what you put in your mouth is clean and healthy, but we also need to consider what we breathe in or makes contact with our skin. That’s why we recommend Ecover cleaning products, as they are free of many of the harmful chemicals which are found in regular cleaning products. So many of these chemicals are not just harmful to the environment, but to our bodies. One area which is now starting to be understood is the effect these chemicals have on estrogen production in both men and women.

Ecover products can be purchased online, but we can buy them from Sainsbury’s.



Jennie has had regular one to one Pilates classes with Emma from EW Pilates. Emma is highly experienced with not just knowledge of Pilates, but also extensive physiological awareness.

Pilates is for everyone, from those just wanting to become stronger and more flexible, through to athletes and people requiring rehabilitation.

Please visit Emma’s website for further information.

EW Pilates